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Shuddhaamandaa Brammachari (Baba), a globally acclaimed inspirational speaker, specializing in mindfulness meditation and stress reduction, will talk about how we can join together in unity to begin to heal the divisiveness that is plaguing our world today!

We are passing through a critical time in human history as our world is drifting from “peace” to “pieces”. As conflicts and terror increase, there is a greater demand for spiritual openness and unity. It is time all of humanity joins together to evoke the spirit of tolerance and love to envelope Mother Earth. Unless we unite as spiritual beings above all economic, cultural, political, and religious differences and conflicts, the very existence of this planet is in question.

Baba has studied and practiced mindfulness meditation and stress reduction for 40 years. He is an author, visionary social advocate and has programs in India serving thousands of poverty stricken individuals. He presents his Course in Mindfulness programs worldwide for corporations, universities, faith communities and social service agencies, including several locations in DuPage County. Baba also has received awards worldwide for his outstanding contributions to humankind. (His website: )

This is an opportunity to learn how to calm your mind, expand your heart, and be the change that we all so long for and want to spread in love throughout this world.


At the Home of Amparo Makridis

1018 Arrowhill

Houston Texas 77077

For any questions, contact:

Barbara Reiff (281) 636-2714


Flem de Graffenreid (281) 493-4542

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