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APR 21: Looking at 2017….US Politics, President Trump and World Events from a Vedic Astrology Point

Jagdish will cover the major predictions based on possibilities (and perhaps probabilities) as offered by unique planetary configurations occurring throughout 2017, especially the influence of Uranus as it ingresses sidereal Aries in April, Saturn’s transit in sidereal Sagittarius and Scorpio and back in Sagittarius, Jupiter’s transit in sidereal Virgo and Libra, and Neptune’s transit in sidereal Aquarius.

Jagdish Maheshri is NCGR Research Director since 2010 and a practicing contemporary Vedic astrologer. He has published and presented papers at Baltimore and Philadelphia NCGR conferences. In 2012 he spoke at the UAC. Recently he spoke at the conference in New Delhi and won the Outstanding Global Astrologer award. He is a recipient of Catherine & Ernest 2016 research grant. Jagdish holds a PhD, teaches (online) Vedic astrology, authored several articles, appeared on radio shows, and hosts website www.astroinsight.com. In 1995, he discovered a unique Ninefold Progression technique and explains in his book, “It’s All in Timing.” He can be reached at jmaheshri@astroinsight.com

Friday, April 21, 2017

7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Tracy Gee Community Center

3599 Westcenter, Houston, Texas 77042

Free and Open to the Public

For more information, contact

Barbara at bwrtx20011@gmail.com


call Flem at 281-493-4542

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