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MAR 18, 2016: Spiritual Healing w/ Dr. Shaye



Dr. Shaye will share his story of how his “gift” of spiritual healing unfolded chronologically from dreams and inner guidance from 1973 to the present while working on volunteers from the audience.




After surviving a near fatal motorcycle accident at age 20, Dr.  Shaye’s life took an abrupt turn.  He left his home in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Monroe, Louisiana, where he earned his undergraduate degree in Biology and worked on his masters in vertebrate zoology at Northeast Louisiana University.


In 1973, while working on his doctorate in chiropractic in Iowa, Dr. Shaye attended a workshop on psychic diagnosis, intent on disproving the technique. After attending the workshop, Dr. Shaye found to his surprise that he, too, could read and diagnose by sensing energy fields. This led him in 1975 to the Edgar Cayce book, “There Is A River”, at which time he became convinced of the existence of spirit. Spiritual matters then became the most important part of his life, and his knowledge of reading energy fields has grown with the years. In 1980, through inner guidance, he discovered he could send “energy” to treat people without physical contact. He has learned from sensitives that he was a conduit for spiritual healing which is seen by some psychics as a golden light flowing from his hands and surrounding the person’s body during diagnosis and treatment. The healing affects the etheric body, which transforms and heals the physical body. Initially Dr. Shaye only worked with the spine, but has since discovered that he could treat a host of ailments.


Dreams have played a major part in the unfolding of Dr. Shaye’s spiritual abilities. He has recorded over 18,000 of his dreams since 1975. Dreams have shown him how to manipulate energy fields in several different ways, with each step appearing when he was ready to receive it.


Dr. Shaye has been lecturing on spiritual healing, holistic health and dreams all around the U.S. and in several foreign countries. He has been an avid sports participant in track, weight lifting, body building and karate. He is the author of “He Who Walks On Two Worlds” and now “The Bigger Little Book Of Miracles”, the Two World Video Series and the creator of the “Dream Cards”. Since 1994 he has lectured at over 300 New Thought churches in the U.S., Canada and Great Briton.




YouTube video of one of his talks can be found at the following link:




Friday, March 18, 2016

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Tracy Gee Community Center

3599 Westcenter, Houston, TX 77021

Free and Open to the Public


For more information, contact Barbara at bwrtx2011@gmail or call Flem at 281-493-4542. 

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