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Nov. 20 & 21, 2015 - EVENT: Fall Study Workshops with Terry Hunt




The Houston Theosophical Community, which comprises of The Houston Lodge, West Houston Study Center, and The Vietnamese Study Center is hosting a Fall Workshop, 


Friday, November 20 and Saturday, November 21, 2015.


Terry Hunt, worldwide speaker with the National Theosophical Society, will be presenting a series of talks that will be stimulating and informative. 


His topics include:

- Don’t Take My Karma From Me, which will be presented at Tracy Gee Community Center, Friday, November 20, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

- The Path of the Spiritual Warrior, and From Death to Reincarnation will be presented at The Houston Lodge on Saturday, November 21, 10 am – 3:00 pm


In 1975 Terry Hunt discovered the Theosophical Society in France during a one-year stay in Nice.  Since then he has studied theosophical works and especially the philosophy of raja yoga.  In October 1979, during a visit to Olcott, the headquarters of The Theosophical Society in America, he had a profound spiritual experience which resulted in a dramatic change in his state of consciousness.  A second experience, very similar in nature, occurred in October 2005.  In 1980 and 1981 he lived and worked at the headquarters of the Theosophical Society in America in Wheaton, Illinois.


Terry has taught classes in theosophy and methods of self-transformation since 1978.  He has lectured in Spanish on behalf of the Inter-American Federation in The U.S., the Caribbean, Central America and South America.  The theosophical book which has influenced him the most is The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett.





We hope to see you at these study workshops!


Please check more details on our Flyer, Terry Hunt’s Bio and kindly call us or register online by click on link below:





Barbara at bwrtx2011@gmail.com 


call Flem at 281-496-7078


   Linda McQuinn: 713-248-0258


Lien: 281-685-4809



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